A Conspiracy of Clocks

by of Arrowe Hill

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released December 5, 2014



all rights reserved


of Arrowe Hill London, UK

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Track Name: These Owls of Mine
Wake up, you
it’s time to do
the things we never
seem to choose.

Take my hand.
The world commands
our whole attention span.

Wake up, you
there’s stuff to do
and paths to walk
before we see the moon.

Take your time.
I feel alright.
The night bus types
never seem to mind

these owls of mine.
Track Name: ...& That's What Really Happened Blues
I met a Mayfair lady
down on Assignation Way.
Between the throes, her powdered nose
when she began to say.

“There’s nothing I like better
than a letter from a friend.
The kind of lies that tell me why
our friendship had to end”.

“Well, It really hit the spot
and you can tell it means a lot
that he’d find the time to fire the
bride when things got way too hot”.

Cos it ain’t working
and I don’t mind.

Then I found myself beside myself
in Jimmy’s Bar & Grill.
The cannibal played ‘Somethin’ Else’
with grace and better still

the waitress there was pale and fair
her eyes a greedy stare.
She took me home and telephoned
her favourite underwear.

Well, I couldn’t think, too much to drink
another kitchen sink.
But I stayed a while, we all know why
‘til morning tipped the wink.

But it ain’t working
No it ain’t working
and I don’t mind.

The streets were cold, the night was old.
The moon & stars had drowned.
My overcoat was full of stones
a dead man’s hand-me-down.

I saw a witch upon a bridge
she said “You look like Hell”.
I told her “Thanks, I needed that.
I love you too as well”.

She came on strong until the cops
turned up and told her “No,
we can’t vouch for him or where he’s been.
His missus wants him home”.

Though it ain’t working.
No it ain’t working
and I don’t mind.

...and that, darling, is what really happened.
Track Name: Around The Corner
Tell me, you’ve been hiding
biding time in forgotten aisles.
Time was you were riding
high and dry in the milky night.

Now every morning
there’s nothing going on
and something’s wrong.

Lately, you’re not smiling
flying kites or behaving right.
Once upon a time you were
shining bright come the eventide.

Around the corner
there’s something going on.
Come on, you can make it through
it’s all before you.
Any which way you choose.

And every morning
there’s something going on.
Come on, you can make it through
it’s all behind you.
Any which way you choose
to lose those blues.

In a world of strangeness
it’s hard to read the signs.
So if forever changes
we’ll take a different line

cos ‘round the corner
it’s always going on.
Track Name: She's Leaving? (No, She's Gone)
I saw her today
and the room kept watching
the way she was walking away.

Her mind’s made up
but I came unstuck
when I heard her call my name.

Under the covers
I shouldn’t wonder
it’s wonderful...

Keep your mind on the job
and you won’t go wrong, son.
It’s tough at the top
but it’s worse at the bottom.

She’s leaving? No she’s gone.

Under the covers
I shouldn’t wonder
it’s wonderful...

Keep your mind on the job
it’s so easy to stumble.
It’s tough at the top
but it’s worse at the bottom.
I’ve cottoned onto the facts
and it’s rotten.

She’s leaving? No, she’s gone.
Track Name: You Know Who You Are
They never gave you
what you want.
They never made you
what you are.

So long to longing
on and on ‘til something
comes along.
The unexpected turns up
on your doorstep.

If what you got
don’t turn you on.
Well hell, guess what?
You’re not the only one.

If what you want
ain’t what you got.
Well hell, guess what?
You’ve got to change your lot.
Track Name: While Friday Night Applies
From Blackfriars Bridge
to all points north and south.
The weekend has arrived
in every public house.

Another week
has passed by on the quiet
and God knows where it goes.
The time just flies.

Another glass of wine
while Friday night applies.
A breathing space for
wasted private lives.

The boys rock up
like they own the place.
And who’s to say
they don’t? They just got paid.

The band strikes up
and the girls look great.
Cos everybody knows they
won’t be home ‘til late.

Another week
has pass by on the quiet.
And God knows where it goes
the time just flies.

Another glass of wine
while Friday night applies
a breathing space for
wasted private lives.
Track Name: Never Mind The Secrets
Yeah, I felt aggrieved.
Behind the scenes it was murder.
When the ones you hold
land the fatal blows that hurt.

Do me wrong.
Do me right.
If it gets like this that’s why.
Tell me when.
Say again.
I ain’t got all night.

Never mind the secrets.
I can quite believe it.
Oh, so it goes.
You can’t really blame her.
I was hardly ever there.
Oh, don’t you know?

I can understand how
it gets so out of hand.
What the hell it means
we both know all too well.

Say again.
Tell me when
I can stay all night.

You could hardly blame her.
We were never even there.
Oh, so it goes.
Everyone’s a secret.
I can well believe it.
Oh, don’t you know?

I was ill prepared.
That quiet word was a bombshell.
What you least expect
is what comes next.
Oh well.
Track Name: Boy, Interrupted at His Music
deconstruction ahead.
Future phantom
gets distracted again.

No one comes close now
they leave him alone.

They’re not listening.
They’re still missing the point.
All I’m hearing
is the fear in his voice

that the hours he spent
are lost weekends, at best.
There’s a future for truth
but those black dog secrets
keep on seeking revenge.

Let me show you.

It was nothing.
Just a bad day, I guess.
Yet there’s something
more than words of regret

when no one gets closer.
They leave him alone
Track Name: Whatever That Means
It feels like nothing
too often, it seems.
This always happens
the passion recedes

when Wonderland
is in full retreat.

The clocks keep stopping
too often, it seems.
This always happens
and doubtless reveals

we’re out of time
and the last to leave.
So keep it together
whatever that means.

We’re holding hands
on a London street.
It’s getting better
whatever that means.
Track Name: A Midsummer Mummery
Take me back there
show me the streets
I called my own.
Bring out the dead for Sunday best.
Rawhead & bloody bones.

Where shattered homes await
your presence, when it’s late.

Make no mistake, we’ve noticed too.
It’s over for you.

See how you shine
the playground cries.
See how you’ve grown.
Bullies & saints disintegrate
the crows have all but flown.

Forget the farmer’s son
who’s hiding with his gun.

Break out the truth, no bucklebruise.
It’s over for you.

We must leave so
take all you need
and don’t think twice.
Pockets filled with eternity
regardless of the price.

Recognise your grace.
A different kind of face.

Look out, the day is coming soon.
It’s over for you.
Track Name: Twilight's Last Dreaming
An accidental life
composed of ghosts and light.

This haunted house of dreams
that’s rarely what it seems.

A human sacrifice
to nothing worse than time.

There’s so much left unsaid.
I shouldn’t hold your breath.

While you sleep
we rule the world.